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        Fishwater Maps are created for fly fisherman and river lovers. They are printed on 11” x 17” waterproof, synthetic paper for a durable, lasting appeal. They are finely crafted and fully functional and include all the information necessary to get you on the water. All Fishwater Maps have limited advertising space on them, suitable for local businesses that appeal to fisherman and river users.
Beer City Maps
        Beer City Maps were created as a way of bringing beer lovers together with craft breweries and the establishments that support them, such as beer-centric bars and specialty stores. Each printed map is limited to twenty advertisers and includes a small write up of each business. Beer City, the web site which supports the printed version is designed to be a jumping off point for beer lovers who are heading out or already on the go. The site will be optimized for i-phone and other small web surfing devices. The site is currently under construction.
        Trophy Shots are retouched photos that attempt to capture the moment in it’s best light. Aimed primarily at sportsmen, TSN takes your digital snapshots and retouches them, enhancing colors, adding text, overlaying on maps, and taking out the unwanted bits and pieces. We attempt to summarize the entire adventure or journey by enhancing the images that were captured along the way.



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